The Rain Queen of Balobedu

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14 March
Texas, United States
Lutheran High North - Houston TX (1994 - 1998)
University of Houston - Main Campus - Houston TX (1998 - 2004)
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books, burn notice, c.s. lewis, christianity, cookies, doctor who, dr seuss, erykah badu, icon collecting, improv, leverage, merlin, natural hair, simple pleasures, smallville, theater, tori amos, tv on dvd
Hi I'm Brittny! I'm an actor and theater teacher. I love the arts and passionate people. Film, theater, opera, ballet, literature, the funny pages, comic books... I may not be very well versed in some art forms but I find most of them interesting.

I'll probably talk a lot about television but I'll randomly chat about anything else that strikes my fancy. I'm still figuring out this Livejournal thing. Most of my internet life has been spent either chatting about Tori Amos or chatting about Smallville at various fan forums. I'm winnowing my online time down to one-stop-shop sort of places so I think Live journal will be fun. It has been fun.
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